Piers Morgan embarrasses himself, again

Posted by Peter Miller (who also tweets as @thecricketgeek) | Added on: December 27 2013

There is really as little as gaudy as someone who works in the press that wants to insert themselves into the centre of a story. From journalists reporting tweets from themselves to cricketers, to former tabloid journalists saying that they can face pace bowling better than a man who has scored Test hundreds, it leaves you feeling a bit nauseous.

During the tea break on Day 2 of the Melbourne Test we saw CNN host Piers Morgan facing Brett Lee in the nets. Wearing an England shirt that he had no right to wear he spent his time before the event accusing the England players of lacking courage and making distasteful comments about a man suffering from mental health issues “cowering away”.

When the over he was due to face began he told us he was “doing it for his country”. The only thing that Morgan was taking part in the farce to do was to massage his own ego and contribute to his own self-aggrandisement. He was a middle aged village cricketer doing something he was completely incapable of, not some patriot fighting for Queen and Country.

When the over started he was hit 4 times, fell over once and was bowled. He may as well have not taken a bat into the net with him. He was backing away and frightened. He may have given it lots of talk, but if David Warner was there he would have told you he had scared eyes.

There are many people who said that Morgan was brave to do this. He wasn’t. He was idiotic and he was lucky that he did not get seriously hurt. When someone decides to climb some scaffolding when drunk he is not accused of having valour.

If you want to see something brave have a glance towards Marcus Trescothick, Graeme Fowler, Iain O’Brien and Jonathan Trott. All of these men have gone public on mental health issues, something that Morgan was keen to mock as he embarrassed himself at the MCG.

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